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Aspects of Mexico

June 22, 2010

For those interested in the new “Aspects of Mexico” classes being offered by Warren Hardy Spanish as an ongoing addition to his curriculum beginning summer, 2010.  This is a personal invitation from our class instructor, interdisciplinary artist and educator, Tim Hazell.

I am an artist/educator who will be launching new Mexican culture classes, “Aspects of Mexico,” with an emphasis on many themes students have expressed an interest in at Warren Hardy Spanish.

I’ve worked with Tuli and Warren – giving concerts featuring Instruments of ancient Mexico and lectures on a wide variety of humanities and arts movements in Latin America at their school – for many years.  I hope we can make the new concept a success this year.  I’m slated to give classes one or two days a week with a required minimum of six students to start. 

I hope that these courses will become a success — a way to create a unique experience at Warren’s school.  Let’s create some excitement at the beginning, if we can!

I plan to give the classes in Spanish and English. It’s a good mix for everyone and is the same formula I used for my last BFA classes in comparative aesthetics and anatomy at the Instituto Allende and as Artist in Residence in March, 2010 at Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas, as part of a liberal arts interactive course for faculty and students.

I have a web site at with many links to areas that might be of interest if you would like a bit of background on my work.

I hope you have time to visit the site and look forward to the upcoming class schedule.  Some of the themes we will be covering are listed below.

Mexico – A Land Apart:– The native traditions of Mexico. Its myths and motifs
– Mexico as an Indian nation, 62 languages, a melting pot of customs and traditions
– Literature of ancient Mexico: Olmec jaguar and creation myths
– Mayan poetry, creation and the sagas of the Popul Vuh
– Nezahualcoyotl: Mexico’s Chichimec poet, architect, warrior and prince
– Popular native and folk tales, elegant verse from the Aztec royal court

I’ve had additional inquiries from advanced students who wish to supplement the above with topics that focus on the arts and humanities in Mexico and Latin America.  If there’s enough of a demand for an advanced class, the following can be added:

Rich Traditions of Mexican Art, Literature and Verse:– Colonial authors in Spanish and Nahuatl
– Writers for Independence and Revolution, Mexican authors in politics
– The Mexican muralists, Orozco, Siguieros and Rivera – their turbulent careers
– Links with revolution and the Mexican Communist movement – great works of artistic genius
– Frida Kahlo, Ruffino Tamayo and Remedios Varo.  Surrealism and magic realism in Mexico
– Cosmopolitan destinations for arts and innovation in Latin America
– The role of Mexico as a traditional haven for artists
– Its contribution to the international arts and cultural scene today

For further information about the tentative fee structure and other details, please contact me directly at hazell(at)cybermatsa(dot)com(dot)mx or Warren and/or Tuli Hardy at info(at)warrenhardy(dot)com or 154-4017 directly at the school after June 22.

Best regards,

Tim Hazell